Beverly Hills Polo Club - САЩ

BEVERLY HILLS POLO CLUB® was founded in 1982. and is an international fashion brand.

The trademark and unique logo evoke a relaxed and elegant feeling typical of life in Southern California, but it also provokes a sense of racing, individual strength and affluence. The BEVERLY HILLS theme adds a sense of luxury, success, style and comfort. The Polo Game, also known as the King’s Game, reinforces these inspirational qualities. The members of the club exude confidence, strength of character and refined taste. In their daily life, they balance a life based on luxury, which is both warm and sociable but also exclusive.



                                                                             A woody floral musk fragrance Top
notes of rosemary, pimento and rose
de mai blend to a heart of orris root,
jasmine and neroli, leading to a base
note of sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver
and cedar.





A balanced fragrance of freshness and
charisma Refreshing citrus top notes
of lemon, mandarin and bergamot
leading to a luminous heart of
patchouli, cedar and vetiver, blending
to a harmonious finish of grey amber
and musk.




A warm and masculine fragrance,
opening with notes of precious woods
and oriental spices that lead to a
vibrant, smoky finish.




                                                                             A rich fragrance starting with hints
of pink pepper, cardamom, saffron
and nutmeg The heart turns strong
and masculine with notes of
geranium and myrrh leading to a
trial of precious oud, patchouli,
leather and incense.




                                                                                           A fun filled fragrance, opening with
a bright top of oranges, tangerine
leaves, lime and bergamot The heart
hints of tuberous mixed with violet,
evoking gardenia like opulence A
sensual combination of patchouli,
vanilla and honey.


                                                                                         A sparkling floral fragrance with a
top note of raspberry sorbet and blood
orange The delicate floral heart
blends honeysuckle, orange blossom
and osmanthus leading to a woody
oriental dry down evoking cashmere
wood, vanilla, musk and hints of


 A lively and exotic fragrance for
women Crisp notes of citrus and
passion fruit blend with a slightly
aquatic and floral heart of water
jasmine, water lilies and violet leaves
The feminine bottom suggests at the
sweeter aspects of cedar wood, musk
and vanilla.



Classic fougere refreshed with
lavender and modernized with
transparent floral notes of muguet
and neroli, evoke an aquatic theme
Sandalwood and amber are crowned
by a mossy touch for a playful finish
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