BRITE - България

Brite Safety Wash


Brite 3in1 – Driers


Brite Colour Trap

 The Brite Colour Trap Sheets allow the simultaneous washing of coloured
fabrics. The sheets attract and retain discharged loose dye and dirt from clothes during laundering.




Brite White Trap

Each Brite White Trap Sheet captures dirt particles, residual detergent, etc. that  are dispersed in the water during laundering and which lead white laundry to look grey or yellow.



Brite Dark Trap

Each sheet for dark clothes is highly absorbent and thanks to its unique technology absorbs colours that are released during laundering jeans and dark clothes.




Softening, antistatic and aromatic wipes – for dryer and washing machine.

New BRITE Products: 3 in 1

¢ 25 pieces in pack

¢ Antistatic effect

¢ Flavoring effect

¢ Softening effect

2 varieties:

Lavender               White musk



These are the symbols that appear on the labels of our clothes. They show us how to properly handle our clothes before launching the laundry. You can familiarize yourself with them and be aware of how our product works under certain conditions.