Rubella - България


RUBELLA is a leading Bulgarian cosmetics company with nearly 20 years of tradition in the production and trade of hygienic and cosmetic products. Its product list includes:

Oral hygiene products,
Hair care products,
Cosmetics for face and body,
Men’s series and decorative cosmetics.




RUBELLA is the only Bulgarian cosmetics company that provides a complete cycle of technology in the manufacture of toothpastes and creamy products in laminated tubes. The production of own laminated foil and packaging makes the production competitive and is an additional guarantee of quality and safety.

As a result of the modern management system, the great potential of the technological base and the successful product policy that follows the world trends in the development of the cosmetic industry, the production volume increases by 20% annually. The company develops and consecutively realizes significant investment projects in the implementation of new technologies, reconstruction and modernization of the technological equipment in the main productions.

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